2008 Photo Gallery

Obz Festival, Cape Town, 6 December 2008 Laurentina Premium ad shoot, CFM, Maputo - 16 November 2008 Mozambique Cultural Promotion, Brazilia, Brazil 5 - 15 November 2008 Old Mutual Jazz Encounters September 2008 Namibia Vol 2 Citizen of the World Launch - Maputo: October 2008
(Photo credits: Sergio Costa) Cape Town Jazz comes to Durban - September 2008 Launch of Vol 2 for musicians and friends - September 08 M-Connexxtion at Markex August 2008 Mozambique Jazz Festival - April 2008
Photos courtesy of 99FM Interview with SABC International 27 June 2008 UCT Alumni Concert to celebrate 14 June 2008 Jammin' with Ernest Dawkins in Paris Bewitched in Selmer Paris store In Africa 1 studio with Robert and Manu Dibango


Moreira live at The Hudson, with DJ and percussion The Moreira Project - Ancestrology The Moreira Project at the Mozambique Jazz Festival