JULY 2007

So we are officially at the middle of the year. Wow! I am having so much fun exploring and experimenting this year. Are you staying warm?

I ended June doing not one but two concerts with Bed on Bricks at the Green Dolphin. These guys really rock!! What a fun experience.

On the 1st of July, we kicked off the month with the Levi Vintage Series. We were disappointed not to see more people at West End but a big thank you to those of you that were there. Where were you guys? It was free. There aren't many of those around these days. Come on Cape Town - support local original music and especially jazz. Jazz has a strong history in the Western Cape, and I know a lot of you enjoy it so support it! West End is a great live music venue. It has good parking and top security, sound that is excellent and a good vibe. They can't only put DJ's there. Us live music bands need venues and West End were giving Levi's the opportunity of bring stunning live jazz to the Flats. It is not far from the centre of Cape Town - 20 minute to be precise. There is no excuse Cape Town. Thank you Levi's & Jack Daniels for having the courage to try new bands like The Moreira Project on your bill. Thank you to those of you who made the effort to come and watch us. We enjoyed ourselves and used the opportunity to try out some new things.

On the 5th we were on a plane to the Eastern Cape for the Grahamstown Jazz Festival. What a stunning concert. We had so much fun. The band was truly awesome. Thank you guys. In true Grahamstown fashion, the nights were freezing but the daytime was warm. Thank you GHT for having us and thank you to the many of you that came to see us. You were a great audience.

Immediately after Grahamstown, I went straight to the north of Mozambique to do some more research into the music of that region. With my Ethno Musicology background, I am really enjoying researching the different sounds of people of that area. You can be sure to hear some of the results on the next album.

We have been invited to play at Ratanga Junction on Sat 28 July 07 as part of a festival sponsored by KWV Perfect 10. On the bill apart from us are some of SA's finest jazz and R&B artists. Come and support us! We believe the gates open at 16h00.

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