December 2007

2007 proved to me that faith, dedication, hardwork, focus and positive attitude pays if you put your mind into it. What am I talking about? I am talking about the music that I write. I am talking about the performances with my band and other musicians that I work with. I am talking about my Recording Company and Management. I am talking about my family, friends and all the people I meet via the sound "music" that I make and finally I am talking about the final product with a green cover called "The Moreira Project VOL 1 - The Journey"

My album this year has reached new heights in different ways. I was nominated for 3 South African Music Awards (SAMA's) and I won one. What an honour and a truly humbling experience! It is also something of which I am enormously proud.

If you look at the guest book on the website you will notice the amount of people that have been writing to me from different parts of the globe expressing their views of how my music has touched them.

The constant demand from the stores in getting in new stock all the time´┐Żwow it really feels good to know that Music is really Universal Language and I feel very proud to be part of it. It doesn't come easy but it is very satisfying.

With all of this happening, 2007 was also important with regards to my passion to explore more music. I travelled to some of the most remote areas of Mozambique where I got to listen and see more styles of music that I did not know and sometimes styles of music that I thought I knew but I heard performed differently. For the past three years, I have been doing this with a great friend of mine who is an art photographer. For me it is very important to see how a visual artist thinks and chooses his concepts - colour, light and human expression. My music is also based on these elements - sound, colour or mode and expression etc. As a saxophone player with a strong passion for composition I need to have my eyes, heart and ears open at all times for any eventuality.

Another great experience was to be invited by Omar Sosa to be part of his South African tour, wow....what an experience. Being in South Africa is amazing. I love it but it is also important to know what the other cats are doing on the other side of the world. Performing, talking and sharing thoughts with Omar and his band was amazing not just because of the music but because of the many things and issues that we are all facing in the world today. We are humans before being musicians and the world is in constant transformation and for me it is ver important to understand the thoughts and ideas of people with regards to that especially with Omar's band where the cats come from different corners of the world. It was a true privilege.

Thank you to all of you who help to keep me top of mind in the press, with the promoters and with the stores. Pete and Kirsty - thank you.

To all the musicians that have been working with The Moreira Project and other projects, thank you and lets keep making beautiful music.

I look forward to 2008. We are going to continue with the "Journey"

It is time for me to go and enjoy summer in Cape Town.

Tchau and God bless you.