January 2009

What a year 2008 was! To say it was challenging would be an understatement. But it was a year of growth for me as a musician, ethnomusicologist and as a person.

As the 2008 drew close, there is always reflection of how the year had been and a review of personal and corporate goals. To learn from failures and to celebrate successes.

I had the great fortune to travel a fair amount last year and to work with some amazing talent who were all trying to find their own sounds while grasping opportunities as they come along.

When we sat down and looked at the year in review I realised that it has been a strategically busy year. Playing highlights must include playing with Najee at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival this year, playing at the inaugural Mozambican Jazz Festival, Old Mutual Encounters Jazz Festival in Windhoek, and the OBZ festival that has just been. My time in Brazil was so memorable as was my trip to France at the beginning of the year to attend MIDEM and to spend some time in France.

I had huge fun being a part of the Laurentina Premium ad shoot, and I was looking forward to the Victoria Falls International Jazz Festival over Christmas but regrettably the Zimbabwe situation forced the organisers to cancel the festival.

Of course the arrival of Vol 2 "Citizen of the World" was a massive highlight and the focus in recording this CD got me through winter. I am very proud of the way it has turned out and I thank everyone who was part of the production for their passion.

Thank you to all my friends and fans who supported me this year with their kindness. Thank you to all the musicians who played with me. Your commitment to the dream inspires me.

Globally the music industry had a difficult time and SA was no different. The gig situation was depressing but we must be positive and know that things will get better as the cycle turns as it always does. We must just keep doing what we are best at and doing it honestly.

I wish you all a healthy happy and prosperous 2009. Lets look positively on our achievements and use them as a platform as we launch ourselves into the new year with even greater passion and patience, commitment and calm, drive and determination.

Ate nos encontrarmos de novo!