Well this is it! Finally this year has arrived. It has been much anticipated so I am glad it is here. Best wishes to all who read this. May this be a year of great happiness and prosperity for us all.

2009 ended on such a high note for me... I was invited back to Rio to perform for Movimento Felix which is a Brazilian project that draws musicians from all over Brazil and the world to participate. It was huge fun being part of such a great iniative.

Then on 31 December 2009.I was given the great honour of being listed by national daily newspaper, Noticias, as the Best of 2009 alongside President Guebuza and The Mozambican Football side, The Mambas.

Then if that was not enough´┐Ż I was also elected Cultural Personality of the Year by Radio Mozambique (RM). - WOW! Thank you. I am humbled to have made such an impression.

I am looking forward to some great gigs in the first half of the year, so be sure to come and join us. The gig guide on the home page will tell you were we are playing.

Thank you for the support in 2009 and I look forward to a energising 2010.

Best wishes,