JUNE 2010

Muito Obrigado and thank you to everyone, friends and fans, for your kind wishes of condolence and the love and support you have given my family and I during this difficult time.

Until we personally goes through a tragedy like this, we think we know how we will feel but we don't.

Despite the sadness that naturally surrounds losing a loved one, I have learnt so much about my family traditions and my ancestry. I am blessed beyond words to have been able, as an adult, to have known my Dad and although we had our differences as all families have, I have realised what an amazing and extraordinary man he was and how much richer a person I am today having had the privilege of having him as my Father.

I have arrived back to a different South Africa to the one I left a few weeks ago. What fun and chaos greeted me at OR Tambo. This World Cup is looking like it is going to be amazing.

We're playing at the Cape Town Fan Fest on Tuesday when Portugal and Brazil are playing their respective opponents. It is going to be a Portuguese speaking festival!! Then we are off to Grahamstown for the National Arts Festival's Jazz Festival. That is going to be great. Can't wait.

See you around!