This year is certainly flying..... but I am having so much fun.

I left for Brazil at the beginning of March spending 10 amazing days as part of the Jazz and Blues Festival in Guaramiranga and Fortaleza.

What a spectacular experience. Di Steffano and the band were so hospitable and friendly and made things so easy for me. Guaramiranga is a beautiful place. It is very tropical, green and lush. The audiences were appreciative and informative. We performed an open rehearsal and a show in Guaramiranga on the Monday and then drove down to Fortaleza which is Brazil's 5th largest city on the Tuesday. The organisation of the festival was unbelievable and the sound outstanding.

It was a treat to find Mozambicans in the audience at both shows and it made me realise that despite being a continent away, we are all actually in a little global village.

All in all it was an experience I will treasure forever and I thank Di Steffano and the festival organisers for having me. It was a humbling, valuable and exhilarating experience. Anytime you need a saxophonist, guys.... give me a call. I'll be on the next plane!!

Getting back to Cape Town, it took me a few days to adjust but just in time to play at the Cape Town Festival concert in the Company Gardens to celebrate Human Rights Day last weekend. The setting is completely unique and very special.

The following day, I left for Maputo to attend the opening of the new Vodacom building and I ended up staying for longer than I expected as a result of many meetings that needed to happen.

As a result I was in Maputo for the solidarity walk for Japan (getting a musician up so early on a Saturday morning - what were the organisers thinking!) and the concert that was held later that evening - that was very special. I also attended and played at the Vodacom Re-branding launch which was quite an occasion.

Just as I thought I was going back to Cape Town, I got a call to be part of the new BCI advertising campaign. This is going to be a lot of fun. Then eventually it was back to Cape Town for the Easter weekend and some down time.

Check out the gallery on the website for some of the pics from these various occasions with more to follow.

I am now back in Maputo to perform at the Maputo International Music Festival with some very interesting international classical musicians. Only Moira Fojaz could manage to bring these phenomenal musicians to this part of Africa. Every year she spoils Maputo with her festival.

The next few months are starting to get really very exciting.....