I have spent these two months flying backwards and forwards between Maputo and Cape Town with a few exciting days in Luanda.

May started off with me performing at the Maputo International Music Festival with the Western Jazz Quartet. I do love playing with musicians from other countries. I always learn something new and it often gives me a new perspective on a piece of music.

I flew back to Cape Town mid-May and played a fun gig with Wesley Rustin at the Aquarium for an international tour group.

Then I hit the studio to begin work on my new project. Unfortunately when the studio work begins, as all musos know, nothing much else happens because it is exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. I had the priveledge of having some amazing musicians with me on different days. Wake up world…Cape Town has some of the hottest instrumentalists on the planet - Allou April, Camillo Lombard, Shaun Johannes, John Hassan, Ronan Skillen, Christian Bakalanga, Frank Paco, Lucas Khumalo, the boys from Young Bakuba…..just to mention a few.

This project is certainly starting to take shape. More about it next month…

At the beginning of June, we were taken to Luanda to play at the Press Conference to announce the artists for the Luanda Jazz Festival which is taking place at the end of July. We also played at a private party for the sponsors. We were treated very nicely. Thank you to all concerned. Angolans are very appreciative of jazz music and it such a pleasure to play there. Thank you Ritek and ESPAfrika.

The remainder of this month I will be locked in the studio again for phase 2 of my project……if you see me and I look a bit glazed don't take it personally, it is just the music!!

"Music is harmony, harmony is perfection, perfection is our dream, and our dream is heaven!" - Amiel