Can this year get any busier, I wonder? Not that I am complaining mind you…..I love being busy!

So what have I been up to these past two months…

I finished my studio work on the new album and flew back to Maputo to record the final batch of voices. It is sounding so good.

Back to Cape Town for a few social engagements and rehearsals and then off to Luanda for the Jazz Festival there. We had a really good time. The audiences were excellent and the networking was worth all the hard work. The hospitality was organised and professional and we were well looked after. Thank you for all the sponsors involved. I stayed behind for a few days to hang with some friends before getting back for a nights stay in Cape Town.

Maputo has been a hive of activity in the lead up to the All Africa Games. We hosted Judith Sephuma and her band at the News Café on 21 August 2011 on behalf of News Café and the casino. She just gets better and better and her new album is sounding really good.

Inbetween I have been doing what Maputo is fast becoming famous for - no not prawns- meetings! Everyone wants a meeting!

I have also been rehearsing my HIV/Aids song - Silent Voices with the children's choir from the EscolaNacionale de Muisca (National school of Music) which we are going to sing at the opening of the All Africa Games. As the countdown continued, the heat and tempers rose to ensure that the Zimpeto stadium was completed timeously. Look at the gallery to see some pics of me and the children.

As the final quarter of the year approaches, I am looking forward to all the projects and the many meetings I have had this year finally coming to fruition. I am sure they will.