We have made it!! We have finally got to the end of the year. There were times when the intensity of certain weeks and months made me wonder.

November started off with the band playing at an amazing gig in Johannesburg. We had so much fun. I wish we played in Johannesburg more often. The audiences are really good.

The following day, I drove out to CTP Digital Services to see how they were progressing with the new CD. What a surprise I got when I was presented with the album wrapped, packaged - klaar! Cookie you are an angel. I clutched the first box of CD's all the way back to Cape Town.
The album is called KHANIMAMBO: Moreira Chonguica homenageia Lendas de Mocambique Vol 1 which translated means Khanimambo (Thank you): Moreira Chonguica salutes the Legends of Mozambique Vol 1. The journey in the recording and production of this album has been astounding and it is a product which we are all so proud. Thank you BCI for your kind sponsorship to enable us to produce this amazing product.

10 days later we held a press conference in Maputo to introduce the media to the truly phenomenal people on the album. It was a very special occasion. Check out the Gallery section on this website to see some of the pictures captured by Sergio Costa.

Then I jumped on a plane to New Delhi in India to attend and perform at the 5th Entertainment-Education Conference being organised by John Hopkins University. What an eye-opener!

The following Tuesday ESPAfrika announced the lineup for the 13th Cape Town International Jazz Festival and The Moreira Project is there!! What an honour. We are playing on Friday 30th March 2012 on the Main Stage of Kippies. Heeyay! It is going to be awesome. I am already beside myself with excitement.

The following evening The Moreira Project played one of the most amazing events of the year that Maputo has ever seen. It was BCI's 15th anniversary and President Guebuza was amongst 600 other guests who graced the lawns of the exquisite Polana Hotel to congratulate BCI on their milestone. I was given the opportunity and honour of presenting the Legends from the new album to him. That was so special.

Another highlight that week (could it get any better?) was on Friday when I attended the Escola Nacionale de Musica's year-end concert. These children inspire me with their talent and enthusiasm.

I have had so many meetings this year with wonderful people. I have travelled from Brazil on the West to India on the East. I have played some extraordinary concerts and I have played with some amazing musicians but above all I have been surrounded by friends and family who have supported my every hectic, energetic and sometimes eccentric move. I am very blessed.

Feliz Natal e feliz Ano Novo and may 2012 be filled with peace, harmony, understanding but above all lots and lots of great music.