It's that time of the year again……when people go into hibernation and vanish! My muso friends have all either gone to Luanda Jazz festival or Grahamstown National Arts festival and my business friends are off overseas for the school holidays!

But I have been busy. We are using this time to consolidate lots of plans. We are getting our strategies organized for the second half of the year! There are so many exciting possibilities.

You will notice that our Facebook page has undergone a revamp. I hope you like it. Please comment if you do and also if you don't or think there are things we should add or you would like to see there.

Thank you to all of you who have become friends and have liked us over the months. We appreciated your loyalty.

We are finally getting to understand the ins and outs of social media. You can follow me on twitter as well. @moreiraproject is the handle. I am also on Linkedin.

The point of this is to bring you our news in as many formats as possible and to hear what you think and feel about what I do.

These are exciting times and I relish the interactions in the months to come.

Keep warm and dry (especially in Cape Town!).