Summer is on its way but the weather in both Cape Town and Maputo is unpredictable still.

We survived MoreJazz 2 in more ways than one. It was a huge honour to host Mr Manu Dibango in Mozambique for the very first time. He is a legend and has been invited many times to Mozambique but the time has not been right for him. His humble nature makes him so easy to work with and he loved being in Maputo.

His press conference at FACIM saw an unprecedented amount of media attend after which he did a walk about chatting to members of the public and sponsors.

He attended a conversation session where musicians, journalists and fans could ask him questions about his life and music. He joined a host of Mozambican musicians and singers with members of his band on the stage for an impromptu redition of Soul Makossa.

The Polana Hotel ballroom was bursting at the seams as guests jostled to catch the great man performing. It was an unforgettable evening.

Then onto FACIM. High winds caused all sorts of drama over the Saturday with the stage and backline but 'the show must go on' as the saying goes….and it did!

35 000 people braved the wind, heat and long traffic jams to come and see The Moreira Project and then the legendary Manu Dibango and his Soul Makossa band. He didn't disappoint the crowd. His energy levels at 78 put us all to shame. His amazing band make up a show that is hard to forget.

It was memorable for those young people who had only heard of him through parents and grandparents and it was memorable for those parents and grandparents who bought all his LP's and CD's over many decades.

I am very grateful for all the support from partners of MJ2, sponsors and my crew without whom a venture of this nature is not possible.

The SensaSons project is gathering momentum and I have been involved with a few other things these past few weeks that have been most enlightening. For a saxophonist, I really am blessed to be involved with such variety. A highlight of the SensaSons project was the handing over of 200 library books to the 10 winners of the lyric competition by sponsors BCI. Great initiative BCI. Thank you!

As the year begins its countdown to the end, we begin to look towards 2013 for activity and inspiration.