Okay….here’s the news!

I have finally gone back to the studio to begin pre-production work on The Moreira Project Vol 3!! This is a profound statement because it marks the ‘official’ start to the new album which is always exciting! No guarantees when it will be finished though.

Cape Town beckoned at the beginning of April for a corporate performance that was huge fun and I took the opportunity to enjoy the Cape Town International Jazz Festival while I was there and catch up with old friends. I had a really good time.

We are hoping that MP RELOADED will be going to the market soon so there is lots of great music coming!!

At the end of the month I am back in Cape Town for the City Hall Sessions, happening on Freedom Day – Sat 27 April 2013. The Moreira Project is on the bill along with McCoy Mrubata and Paul Hanmer as well as Amaryoni. We are all Cape Town boys!!

It is going to be a great concert and I hope to see lots of friends there.

I don’t get to play in Cape Town as much as I would like so I want your support. The ticket prices are very reasonable so there is no excuse not to come and enjoy a night of high quality music.

There are lots of negative events happening in the world at the moment but for a few hours you can forget your troubles and immerse yourself in great music. Music is the only thing that can touch your soul and take you to another place.

Until next time,