July started with me being appointed as part of the advising committee to the Minister of Culture alongside a number of other wellknown authors, poets, sculptures, painters, musicians and a variety of organisations. Being able to shape the future of culture in my young homeland is a huge honour.

Then it was the final preparations for MOREJAZZ SERIES. We confirmed JONATHAN BUTLER and his band from Los Angeles/South Africa. What a delight it was to have them all in Maputo. Jonathan by all accounts adores Maputo especially the food! PiriPiri’shalf chicken/chips and salad was a firm favourite.

It is quite an achievement to fly 27 hours to come to our little corner of the globe for a few days.

We had two amazing concerts with him….one at the Hotel Polana, again a sponsor, and the other at a new venue which we created called Jat 5. The First Lady of Mozambique, Maria da Luz Guebuzagraced us with her presence and had such a good time that she stayed for the length of the show! We were thrilled to have her with us. It added a very special touch to the already awesome evening.

The second concert at Jat 5 was also spectacular. In addition to Jonathan Butler and his band, THE MOREIRA PROJECT, we were joined by the very elegant Isabel Novella and her band and the evergreen Orlando de Conceicao with his band TheMalhangalene Jazz Quartet. Several thousand people enjoyed this evening of music.

The third part of the MoreJazz Series was at Facim. The weather gods were smiling. More Promotions had acts on the stage since Friday with acts like Mabermuda, LourenaNhate, Oliver Style, Liloca, DJ Ardiles and ending off with Zico. These guys rocked the park! Saturday was Khanimambo night celebrating the musical heros of Mozambique. On stage was Banda Galtons, Banda Kakana, Roberto Isaias and Banda Homba Mo who also backed Elsa Mangue, Elvira Viegas, AlyFaque, Antonio Marcos, ZenaBacar and Domingos&Belita. This was an awesome nostalgic evening of great Mocambican music. On Sunday it was the big guns! The Malhangalene Jazz Quartet, Isabel Novella, The Moreira Project and the man that 30 000 plus people came to see – HUGH MASEKELA.

It was a magnificent weekend. In fact a magnificent two weeks.I am proud of everyone who worked on this with me to make it happen. I could not have done it alone.