It’s hard to believe when you are in the thick of a project that we survived the pressures of July and August but we did and with great pride at the outcome.

But time does not stand still.

No sooner than I had said goodbye to Jonathan Butler, Hugh Masekela and The Moreira Project, I was on a plane to Lisbon for a few days to talk to some interesting people about some very interesting projects in 2014. (Secret for now….) Then I landed back in Maputo and two days later, I headed to Chimoio in the Manica Province for the 4th Military and Cultural Festival being held there. More Promotions was handling the production of the stages and the various entertainment components. It was awesome. The talent within the military personnel is just amazing.

I attended the Gala to honour the Mozambican Female Basketball team who won the African championships and have now qualified to compete in Turkey in 2014. I also attended the Mozambican Music Awards and I presented an award for Best Afro Beat that was won by Tanya Tone.

Both very different but equally inspiring events.

Now I am off to Cape Town for a few days of R & R!!

Vejovocês no próximomês!