I thought that after the chaotic pace of the MOREJAZZ SERIES 3, and FACIM, things would quieten down these past few months but no such luck.

Early in November, I was inovted to attend a conference of Youth and Sport in Quelimane in Zambezia province.

Then I flew to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia to perform at a reception hosted by John Hopkins University in Baltimore as part of the International Conference on Family Planning.

I have attempted to get some tennis playing in but between all the travelling and the weather (rain in Maputo) I have not been too successful.

Earlier this month, I was invited to attend the crowing of the Miss Mozambique pageant as a celelbrity judge at the Casino Estorial, just outside Lisbon along side Neyma and Zico.

I have just returned from Quito in Equador where I attended the 18th World festival of Youth. There was a large African delegation and it was Africa Day on 11 December during the conference which was great fun.

It would be remiss of me not to add my words of condolences to Mrs Graca Machel and the Mandela family on the passing of Nelson Mandela. The world became a little darker losing him this month but it is up to us all to try and keep his flame burning bright in our attitudes, words and deeds.

Best wishes to you all for a blessed festive season and a wonderful 2014.

Tenha um Natal abençoado e um maravilhoso 2014

Yours in music,