Feliz Ano Novo and best wishes for 2014.

The New Year has certainly started off with a bang. It’s hard to believe we are already nearly into the third month of the year.

I had a lovely break at the beginning of the year in Cape Town and went back to Maputo refreshed and rejuvenated all ready to start the year.

January has flown by with meetings and beginning to set the year scene with sponsors and partners. It is always fun to start presenting the dreams and goals for the year.

I flew to Cape Town to play at the Mining Indaba with M-Connexxion (John Hassan and DJ Gren) for the fifth time! It is always a fun and relaxing gig. I also got to spend a wonderful afternoon at the Amy Biehl Foundation’s music programme for children after school in Gugulethu. It was inspiring.

I did a great interview with Evan Milton at Fine Music Radio. He is a very insightful interviewer with a great knowledge of jazz music.

I saw some good friends and ate some great food.

Then it was back to Maputo. I had a lovely birthday on the 13th and was blessed and touched with a multitude of good wishes, loads of birthday cake and much champagne!

I did a wonderful interview on my birthday actually for a Portuguese magazine called Villas & Golf and a few days later I did a lovely radio interview with Sheila Bell from Channel Africa. I am truly grateful that the media finds me interesting enough to interview!

I am excited to be coming back to Cape Town for the launch of the inspirational book Dikakapa Everyday Heroes. I was asked to contribute to this in 2012 and I thought the project had not got off the ground but the founders persevered and after finding some sponsorship have finally seen the book published and come to life. I am so honoured to have been included in the 25 Africans in the book who tell their stories and I am so looking forward to the launch.

I will tell you all about the launch in the next newsletter!