Its September....Its Spring time....but we are all still glowing in music of the past two weeks of MOREJAZZ SERIES 4.

From the moment ANGELIQUE KIDJO and her band touched down at Maputo International Airport, on August 20,2014, it was a magical two weeks.

The four shows were all completely different. The show at the Polana Hotel was elegant as usual with the MOREJAZZ BIG BAND making their show appearance for the first time. Dressed in their black suits with white shirts and their black MOREJAZZ caps, they captured the hearts of the audience and set the tone for an amazing evening and the shows to come.
Despite some hair-raising visa moments with FILIPE MUKENGA from Angola, they made it to Maputo eventually and gave an outstanding show despite going straight from the airport to the stage.

My band,THE MOREIRA PROJECT, were simply awesome and gave me great strength and energy on stage. Bokani, Ronan, Tlale, Helder Kevin and Angelo – I love working with you all.

Then it was the time for the lady herself. What a treat….ANGELIQUE KIDJO….there is no one to compare at the moment with this African lady of song.

The following night was the new venue at THE PORT of MAPUTO.
It was such an experience. Thank you to all those who came out in support of this show. It was a warm and barmy evening and much fun was had by many. In addition to the line up from the Polana show, there were stunning performances by TIMOTEO KUCHE and his KUCHE’S QUINTET; STELIO MONDLANE and YOCA; HASSAN’ADAS, THE GALTONS and finished off with DJ EUPHONIK from SA.

The following week we tried yet another new venue at FOLHA VERDE, in MATOLA. This has got to be one of the most beautiful venues in Mozambique. As the sun was setting, the music began again with the young people of THE MOREJAZZ BIG BAND. The small but enthusiastic crowd had the time of their lives. The restaurants were serving the most delicious food, the waiters were serving gin and tonics (amongst other things!)….it was an absolute delight. Again on stage was HASSAN’ADAS, KUCHE’S QUINTET, THE MOREIRA PROJECT and finally ANGELIQUE KIDJO. The new addition to the lineup was AURELIO PROJECT , a band led by Mozambican LITHO MABJAIA now based in HOLLAND.

Then it was the big one….FACIM. Thousands and thousands of people stayed to watch the show that was dynamically ended by DJ EUPHONIK. In fact if the production people hadn’t turned down the PA, the crowd would have danced until dawn.

We thank ANGELIQUE KIDJO for giving us two weeks of her time to be in Mozambique for the first time. We believe that she left with a wonderful impression of the country and we know she will be back.

She was part of interesting discussions at the University of Eduardo Mondlane, she went on the walking tour of Mafalala to learn more of that cultural village, she visited my school, the Escola Nacionale de Musica, she was received by the First Lady of Mozambique, she visited a UNICEF project and she performed four shows! Throughout it all, she was interested and engaged offering insight and opinions wherever she went. She lights up every room she enters and the world listens when she speaks. This is one very special lady.

Thank you to all the people who were involved with the production and execution of these two weeks of magic. THE MOREJAZZ SERIES is not only about the jazz, it is so much MORE. There are so many aspects of these events from the flights, accommodation, vehicles, venues, food, refreshments, sound equipment, and tons more. There were people involved in all these aspects who are living the MOREJAZZ cause and we are so grateful for their ongoing support and understanding.

MOREJAZZ is putting Mozambican cultural tourism on the map and I am proud to be part of that process.