Best wishes to everyone for a happy healthy and prosperous 2015.

Mozambique’s new president FILIPE NUYSI was formally inaugurated in mid January and now the country has gone back to work.

Its meetings, meetings, meetings!

There are lots of exciting projects on the go and I am looking forward to an action packed year.

The floods in Northern Mozambique and Malawi have again been devastating and we are all helping in any way we can.

We are also grateful for the assistance from our neighbouring countries who have been sending in relief teams.

I am looking forward to going to Cape Town in February for a concert at The Crypt as well as a talk to The African Voices Trust and at the beginning of March, I will be going to the US for a concert in Washington DC and later in the month, I am going to Brazil.

It’s going to be an exciting year and I am grateful for all the constant support from my family and friends that enables me to do the crazy things I do.

I love my life!

Many blessings,