What a hectic first quarter of 2015 it has been. It is hard to believe that the Easter holidays have past and that we are heading into winter.

After being in Cape Town for a few days in February, I had a day or two in Maputo before heading off to Paris, France to begin the project with Manu Dibango. What a truly amazing experience. He is such a kind, wise, gentle soul but a fierce musician. His band were very accepting of me too and I had a lot of fun with them. Some of them were with Manu when he came ot Mozambique in 2012 for MoreJazz Series 2.

I arrived back in Maputo at the end of February in time to do a test drive day with Jeep as their newly appointed brand ambassador before hitting the airport again for Washington DC. Apart from it being exceptionally cold, it was an amazing trip. I did a wonderful workshop at the ………school discussing Mozambican rhythms and African music. Unfortunately the school closed the following day so my second workshop was cancelled. But the band arrived and we took in the sights of Washington.

We had a simply awesome show at the Kennedy Centre. So many people turned up. The place was completely full. It was stunning.

The band left the following day and I had a day to recover and do some shopping.

Then back to Maputo for meetings and more meetings before flying off with Mingas and Wazimbo to the Back2Black festival in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. We performed in support of the documentary produced by CineVideo on Marrabenta which is a famous Mozambican rhythm and dance form. The documentary was received so well as was our show.

I flew straight back to Paris from Rio to complete the recording with Manu Dibango. What a special time.

Then back to Maputo straight into the Easter weekend and additional holidays.

Mozambique really gets going in April so it is a very busy time having meetings and planning for the remainder of the year. It’s going to be so exciting. Watch this space.

I am however very sad about the xenophobic attacks happening in South Africa and obviously even sadder when Mozambicans are being attacked. This is all not necessary. South Africa is a beautiful country, it has been the shining light for the rest of Africa. The country that we have all looked to for reference. This cant happen. #Stop the xenophobia now