We are now into the second half of the year. These past few months have been really busy with meetings and preparations for the 40th Anniversary celebrations of Mozambique’s independence and the 2015 edition of the MoreJazz Series.

I had a chance to spend a few days in Cape Town at the end of May with my family but I always forget how cold Cape Town can be in winter. Maputo gets cooler at this time of the year especially in the early mornings and evenings but it is very mild by comparison to Cape Town!

Late in June I had the pleasure of being invited to Lisbon by the Mozambican ambassador to attend the Independence celebrations there. It was a huge honour for me to open the official proceedings playing both the Mozambican and Portuguese national anthems. Boy, was I nervous!!

We are in the UK at the moment, performing in London and Liverpool and will be performing in London again before returning to Maputo and then off on another trip to Lisbon. London is so full at the moment with Wimbledon, the Grand Priz and all the other summer events. It really is a melting pot for the world. Such a pity our exchange rate is so diabolical. One to one, things are not expensive but 60:1 (Mozambique) and 20:1 (South Africa) make things desperately expensive!

Exciting & hectic times but soooo much fun!

I am so blessed to enjoy and have such a passion for what I do. I am also blessed to have so many people around me that believe in my craziness! #LovingLife

Stay warm!