The end of June was particularly exciting because I was awarded Superbrand status as an individual that is a first for Mozambique and the African continent. I was in esteemed corporate company.

On 1 July, I hopped on a plane with my band joining Mingas, Pedro Ben, Otis, Benvindo Fonseca and Maiuko and a number of other great acts for a three concert series in the UK to celebrate the 40th anniversary of independence celebrations. Two of the concerts were in London and one in Liverpool. Apart from the strength of the pound, we had an awesome time. The audiences were great and our host, ambassador Carlos do Santos was extraordinary in his arrangements and hospitality. It was such a pleasure being there.

We flew back to Maputo for a few days before jetting off again to Lisbon for another celebration for BCI and the state visit of the new President, Mr Filipe Nuysi. Lisbon was extremely hot but the band and I had a great show.

The balance of July and August has been spent in meeting and discussions around the MoreJazz Series 5 in October.

In the past month, I have had the great pleasure of performing for KPMG at their 25th anniversary celebrations, spending time with the MoreJazz Big Band while they are on school holidays and speaking at the MOZEFO conference on tourism and heritage.

It has been a full, satisfying and fun two months. I look forward to the rest of the year.

All the best