This has been a very exciting start to 2016 and all indications are pointing to the whole year being like this.

Bring it on!

We ended 2015 with a bang with a great function at Polana Serena Hotel's annual New Year's eve party. It is always a spectacular affair and lots of fun.

I went away for a few days at the beginning of January but since I returned it has been really hectic.

I performed for the birthdays of former President Guebuza and current President Filipe Nuysi.

I attended the opening of the school year with the Minister of Education in Nampula and Alto Molocue and we held some amazing workshops and I had the chance to perform with some wonder musicians from the region.

Early in February, I was deeply honoured to be invited to perform the National Anthem at the opening of the 4th congress of OMM with their beautiful choir in Matola.

Then it was off to Cape Town to promote the new album “Live at Polana” and to perform with The Moreira Project at the Zeitz MOCAA (Museum of Contemporary African Art) gala event. What an evening. The who’s who of Southern African business, fashion and art were present. Mozambique was well represented as was Angola. A highlight was performing with the legendary Yvonne Chaka Chaka!

On my return to Maputo, I was invited to attend the opening of the academic year at University of Eduardo Mondlane. As partners of ours, I value any association with the University highly and enjoyed the ceremony.

Later that week I attended the graduation ceremony of the ACRIPOL cadets. These special people deserve our support as the protect and serve the country of Mozambique.

As we catch our breath and head into March, more exciting things are on the horizon.

Maputo has been scorching hot and recorded its hottest day in history whilst I was in Cape Town who was experiencing its own hot patch!
Southern Africa desperately needs rain but not flooding. Moderate rain just to get the crops back on track. We can but pray.

Keep smiling!