June and July are the winter months in the southern hemisphere and there have certainly been some chilly moments in Cape Town and Maputo of late. The cold fronts move up from Cape Town, up the South African east coastline and generally what affects Durban and the Midlands affects Maputo.

Fortunately I was able to escape some of the cold for two weeks with a 10 days fact finding trip to Havana, Cuba and then onto Lisbon, Portugal.

Cuba was an eye-opener. Whilst in some aspects still a little behind the rest of the world, they are so ahead in others. I observed some extraordinary jazz and was honoured to witness some fabulous Cuban culture. I met some amazing musicians and the people of Havana are so friendly and hospitable. The rum and the cigars are pretty good too!

Then it was onto Lisbon for the inaugural MOZEFO being staged there that was extremely well received and it was a pleasure to be part of this.

Back in Maputo, back to the grindstone in July.

Morejazz 6 preparations are in full swing. 3 months to go….Save the date: 28 & 29 October – Maputo – Mozambique.